Our surgery is open

Written by Banking Works, | Posted in News on 12 March 2021

With resilience regs on the horizon, it’s all about future-proofed lending over here at Banking Works. 🏦

In keeping with our partnership values, we’re throwing our doors open and offering up 1 hour of free consultancy per week. Think of it as a bit of friendly help to kick start your recovery journey.

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We’re listening 👂

It’s not all one way. The team are keen to hear what challenges lenders are focused on right now. What are the projects you’re wrestling with currently? Is it still legacy and digital transformation, or have the past 12 months refocused your attention’s elsewhere?

🦉 Advice based on experience

Can our team give you a different lens on your 2021 strategy and projects? After all, you don’t know what you don’t know! And maybe we solved a similar challenge for one of your peers and can share the insight that we’ve gained along the way.

Get your appointment now 🗓

Surgeries will run on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons weekly from March 23rd, and the booking form is live now. So, what are you waiting for? It’s first come, first serve.

Whether your challenge is operational, customer experience, platforms or data, we can help. Sign up now for free expert advice and tap into our twenty years of lending experience.

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🏥 We look forward to seeing you in the surgery