Standby Servicing

We are the back up servicer on over £1.6 billion in ABS term and warehouse facilities covering equipment finance, asset finance, auto finance, consumer receivables and commercial loans.

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  • ABPS3-

    Rated at Level 3 - by Fitch Ratings

  • £1.6bn

    Assets under management

  • 400,000

    Loans under watch


  • A commitment to support in the event of Primary Servicer and/or Originator failures

  • Perform Due Diligence; assessment of Operational Risks & Controls; Portfolio Performance; 3rd Party Suppliers; Financial Operations; Technology

  • Data verification and proof of concept; Validation of portfolio data; Prime balance reconciliations; Data governance; System mapping

  • Invocation Planning; Design and delivery of the Transfer Plan

  • Portfolio Management Services; Step in and collect out replacement services


We are experienced in managing ABS portfolios on behalf of:

  • Investment Banks
  • Merchant Banks
  • Development Banks
  • Challenger/Neo Banks
  • Originators of instalment credit
  • Private Equity funds
  • Cold standby - 90 days

    In a Cold Standby there is minimal preliminary transition preparation. This keeps Standby Costs at a minimum but the trade off is the speed in which replacement servicing can be delivered following an invocation event, when mitigating loss is the main objective.

  • Warm standby - 30-60 days

    In a Warm Standby regular system to system data mapping, verification and validation is completed reducing friction in the post invocation transfer of services.

  • Hot standby - immediate

    In a Hot Standby replacement services can be commenced at anytime. Generally, data will be uploaded from the primary servicer more frequently. In many cases shadow servicing is undertaken ensuring a seamless transfer. Alternatively, where Escrow arrangements are in place, we can step in and run incumbent systems.

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