Audit & Assurance

You need confidence that your capital is safe.

We run bespoke audits for routine and special case analysis.

Proven expertise

The service funders have trusted for more than a decade.

Our audit capability is deep and diverse. Our reputation in the risk monitoring and management of asset-backed lending facilities and portfolios is well-recognised. From the remote analysis of routine data to on-site audits for special case analysis, we have an approach that will fit your needs.

Funds under watch

Lenders audited annually

Specialist audit solutions

We have a range of audit packages we can precisely customise to fit your needs

  • Portfolio risk management

    Asset-based lenders rely on the performance of their portfolios to secure the working capital they need to operate and grow their businesses. Wholesale debt providers are seeking assurance that their investments are protected.

  • Technology & know-how

    Our team of audit analysts combines rich portfolio analysis using a range of technologies, with over a decade of industry experience delivering services to leading asset-based lenders.

  • Flexible solutions

    We offer flexible and customisable analysis packages, with complimentary audit services - delivered virtually, remotely or on-premise.

Reliability and confidence

  • Continuous assurance

    Undertaking regular portfolio monitoring and analysing results provides the tools to measure against your Key Performance Indicators, Key Risk Indicators, Operational Risks and Operational Resilience ensuring you always stay one step ahead.

  • Continuous improvement

    Continuous improvement is an ever-evolving journey. With clear visibility of performance and the ability to monitor and manage this, you can design and build strategies to support changing landscapes.

  • Continuity of services

    Continuous assurance ensures you pick up any early warning signals and identify potential risks in the portfolio. To give you additional peace of mind, we also provide Standby Servicing and Portfolio Management services.

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