Banking & Lending

You want on-demand lending software that scales with your ambition.

Consumer or commercial, we've got you covered.

Digitise your lending

Act instantly. Integrate with anything. Delight your customers.

  • Lend at light speed

    Reset your expectations. We pair a range of lending platforms with our automation expertise, allowing your lending to run like clockwork. Our flexible banking and lending systems help you launch new products faster.

  • Wide product support

    From instalment lending to deposit accounts and card payments, we have a range of powerful solutions. Our open architecture provides endless flexibility, integrations and customisation.

  • Personal servicing

    Give customers what they want: simple, streamlined journeys, personalised experiences, complete self-serve and interactive messaging through the channels they use every day.

“Only 30 percent of SMEs currently turn to their banks for services to help them run their businesses better.”


Power & flexibility

Flexible, cloud-based platforms that let you act almost as fast as you can think.

We give you the ability to streamline your enterprise, and flexibly manage lending throughout the entire loan lifecycle.

  • Design, deploy, optimise

    Adjust integrations, processes and customer journeys on the fly, and respond to customer needs as they evolve.

    • Adjust product complexion
    • Continuously improve operational efficiency
    • Change decisioning criteria and policy
    • Upgrade customer experience and communications
  • Integration & security

    Reap the benefits of cloud-first, truly digital systems:

    • Extensive API libraries
    • Wide options for integration and customisation
    • Private or public cloud deployment
    • Highly secure. modular architectures
  • Origination on your terms

    Integrate with your preferred origination partner and configure additional options such as KYC and credit profiling to your requirements.

    • Fast decisioning
    • Seamless onboarding
    • Repeatable automated processes
  • Seamless payments

    Our various lending software options support all key loan functionality and integrate with our payment platforms, and those of many third-party providers.

  • Custom reporting & alerting

    Our team works with you to configure custom reporting and dashboards. We'll ensure that all your key operational and performance metrics are accessible. Pair with our Edge portfolio analysis system for additional insight.

  • Simple accounting integration

    Say goodbye to painful data translation, and get almost effortless integration with whatever accounting system you use.

Product customisation

Create any banking product you can think of. And some you haven't.

You define the products you want to service and specify the processes that deliver against your business rules.

  • Instalment credit

    Launch a range of instalment credit products, from standard loans to point-of-purchase credit.

  • Revolving credit

    Offer revolving credit products, including credit cards and line-of-credit drawdown loans.

  • Deposit accounts

    Provide flexible banking facilities to your customers, accessible from anywhere.

  • Card issuing & transactions

    Issue virtual cards in real time, and attach to lending or deposit accounts. Allowing for innovative new card programmes and blended products.

Customer experience

Deliver the intuitive services that your customers demand.

Give your customers simple self-serve options with the reassurance of a secure personalised service 24/7. We can also provide the tools to drive sophisticated customer communication and support strategies. 

  • Let customers help themselves

    Integrating self-serve portals and apps allows customers to administer any aspect of their account.

  • Enhanced personalisation

    Deliver the personal service customers demand with advanced profiling capabilities. Build loyalty with smarter engagement and individualised experiences.

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