BladeOS Banking Engine

You want a digital operations engine that will slash time and cost.

We think we've got the cutting edge.

The agility engine

Keep pace with your customers. Outrun your competitors.

To stay relevant, you need the operational agility to create, deploy and adjust at a moment's notice. We developed BladeOS to meet this need. BladeOS is a cloud process engine that runs sophisticated, personalised business processes that are continually optimised, from origination to end-of-life.
  • Orchestration

    Design, test and deploy sophisticated process orchestrations that deliver more personalised, satisfying services to your customers. Integrate new business capabilities overnight.

  • Automation

    Drive efficiency and performance with integrated decisioning and Robotic Process Automation. Ensure peace of mind with advanced compliance and logging functionality.

  • Transformation

    Plug compelling digital services into both new and legacy systems. Compete on a level playing field without investing millions in new platforms and resources.

“Automations reduce costs and save time by up to 80%”

Robotic Process Automation - The future of technology in financial services


Decisioning & automation

Faster, better, cheaper. Who says you can't have all three?

  • Faster decisioning driven by your rules

    BladeOS runs on the business logic you define. Integration with your data delivers lightning-fast decisions that you can trust. And your business remains compliant and transparent.

  • Better process management through automation

    We're experts in delivering game-changing efficiencies with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). These automations free up staff to focus on higher-value activities and improved customer service.

  • Cheaper cost-to-serve

    BladeOS provides sophisticated self-serve and communication capabilities via any channel, further reducing cost to serve. These additional system augmentations deliver business efficiencies and power growth.

Integration & compliance

Orchestrate high-performance processes. Enable your systems to deliver performance lending.

BladeOS Banking Engine helps lenders stay competitive. To deliver better operations and continuous compliance, without dependency on any core system. BladeOS drives efficiency, flexibility and peace of mind.

  • Broad integration capabilities

    BladeOS manages all integrations and business processes in your environment, whether on-premise, cloud or hybrid. It also plugs straight into most CRM software or customer service systems like Zendesk.

  • Orchestrate complex, straight through processing

    BladeOS manages thousands of concurrent processes in real-time. Running transparent orchestrations allows you to seamlessly combine all aspects of your customers' journey, from credit checks and KYC to onboarding and end-of-life.

  • Better customer communications

    Automate personalised, multi-channel communications to keep your customers informed. BladeOS supports interactive communications via SMS and social messaging apps such as WhatsApp and iMessage.

  • Get peace of mind with Continuous Compliance

    The decision engine validates and logs all events managed by BladeOS. Logs are subject to automatic or on-demand analysis and filtered by thousands of parameters. This event tracking provides a complete audit trail and transparency for governance and compliance.

Digital transformation

Deliver the digital services of tomorrow, today.

  • API layer for legacy systems

    Replacing core tech is resource-intensive and outside of scope for many institutions. Finding a credible alternative is a high priority for CFO's and CTO's. BladeOS integrates with almost all existing back-office platforms. It's an API layer that lets you compete today with automation and digital enhancements like self-serve and personalisation.

  • A bridge to new technologies

    BladeOS provides the bridge between your current systems and the future. Processes developed within BladeOS are flexible and available across multiple platforms. Individual components require minimal modification for implementation across your core banking, origination, CRM or other systems. Rather than a one-off investment, its technology that flexes and scales to fit your roadmap. This component-driven approach enables incremental upgrades and the management of cost over time.

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