Can you deliver tomorrow with the systems you have today?

Envision keeping pace with the neobanks and their digital tech.

Overcoming the limitations of your tried and trusted solutions?

Realising your ambitions without breaking the bank?

Now you can.

Legacy technology is holding financial services firms back.

  • Technology is disrupting the lending market.

    Traditional lenders have to contend with new competitors unburdened by legacy technology or business models, making them far more agile and responsive. To remain competitive, lenders must simplify the borrowing process for customers.

  • You're constrained by your existing systems.

    Your trusted core systems and technology, while reliable, cannot deliver many of the new digital capabilities that customers demand and expect. Administration is often manual and time-consuming, making it hard to achieve the agility that true digitisation promises.

  • Digital transformation presents a high risk.

    You want to meet your ambitions while minimising risk. Undertaking a wholesale rip and replace of core systems is costly, and presents leaders with additional problems to solve: new operating model design, stakeholder support and buy-in, running BAU at the same time as building new.

“27% of companies say digital transformation is a matter of survival.”

The what, why and how of digital transformation

The Digital Marketing Institute

We make digital transformation easy and accessible.

We have deep expertise in systems design, engineering and integration. We combine this with the power of our BladeOS Banking Engine. BladeOS bridges the digital gap, allowing you to overcome the limitations of your current systems.
  • Design an achievable roadmap.

    Our team starts by getting to grips with your challenges and business ambitions. We take a look at your existing platforms, customer journeys and operational processes. We will work with you to identify the functionality gaps, optimise your technology stack and define a longer term roadmap of improvements.

  • Harness the right technologies.

    BladeOS enables you to orchestrate a wide range of new technologies alongside your legacy systems, and automate many time-consuming and complex tasks. This approach provides new capabilities that you can bring to bear on delivering smarter, more satisfying services to your customers.

  • Close the experience gap.

    With the right technologies and automations in place, you can design and deliver rich multichannel communications, more sophisticated support services and provide self-serve applications for many day-to-day customer needs. Meaning you can compete on a level playing field with competitors.

The benefits of transformation, today.

Digitisation enables you to better meet the needs of your business and your customer.

  • Realise the value in your legacy tech.

    Our optimisation approach means you can extend the lifespan of your existing core technology and continue to recognise its value.

  • Faster time to market.

    Launching a new lending, banking or payment product is often a mammoth task. BladeOS delivers digital agility without a full re-platform.

  • Driving performance.

    With your technology in order, you can focus on the future and your growth ambitions.

  • Increased customer satisfaction.

    Plugging the gaps in your existing operations will allow you to deliver the products, services and experiences that your customers expect. Increasing satisfaction and growing the advocacy that builds market share.

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