Can you rest easy while you navigate compliance?

Wouldn’t life be simpler with real-time, automated decisioning run on the rules you define?

Powerful automations and transparent processing that delivers total peace of mind.

Giving you the confidence in compliance that regulators and funders demand.

Now you can.

In a complex environment, the way forward is unclear.

  • Change demands agility.

    Unpredictable market conditions, changes in regulation and legacy systems are just a few of the challenges that lenders face. How do you balance the delivery of compliant operations while meeting the demands of the modern customer?

  • The impact of legacy.

    Change means an increase in the volume of processes and data the business is managing. Legacy systems present a problem from both a risk and cost perspective. Operational performance is difficult to achieve - agility is dependent on scalable and adaptable platforms and resources.

  • Achieving visibility & maintaining control.

    With more to do, you need confidence in your ability to monitor controls and manage risk. Without meaningful reporting and analysis, you lack the insight to drive business evolution.

“Digital workflows that embed risk and compliance controls enable business leaders to better manage critical services. Providing deeper insights and a broader understanding of service “health”, enhancing customer experience and improved customer outcomes.”


We’ll give you a new roadmap to success.

We understand the problems faced by lenders at every level. This insight enabled us to develop our operational consulting practice and our BladeOS Banking Engine.
  • Discover & diagnose operational opportunities.

    Our teams work with you to understand your challenges and desired state. We will assess systems, critical processes and unearth where the data is hidden. We use this information to identify areas for optimisation and devise strategies to deliver operational improvements. We wrap all this up in a tailored roadmap that fits your ambition and budget.

  • Intelligent decisioning and automation.

    We built BladeOS to ingest all types of data sources and automate complex business processes. Blade ensures the right services get called at the right time, and the decisions at each stage of the journey trigger the next action.

  • Sophisticated monitoring and logging.

    Imagine not having to wade through pages of data to achieve operational visibility. Our platforms capture and log all events in one place, delivering continuous compliance in real-time. System-generated alerts and on-demand reports will enable you to understand the health of your business and take action.

Meet your standards and obligations without breaking a sweat.

Our partnerships with leading banks and lenders have achieved dramatic results. Our approach enables you to deliver operational transparency to all your stakeholders.

  • Operate more effectively.

    Achieve a deeper understanding of your business by embedding digital workflows with advanced analytics.

  • Enhanced visibility & controls.

    Monitor and manage controls and processes more proactively. Spot the warning signs early to drive change and improvement.

  • Extend the value in existing systems.

    Our approach removes the need for a full rip-and-replace of core systems. Integrate new capabilities into your technology stack and get more value out of your existing systems.

  • Improve customer outcomes.

    Integrate digital workflows that deliver deep insight into business performance. Use this insight to enhance customer experience and improve customer outcomes.

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