Can you see what customers want before they do?

Do you wish you had a clearer picture of the ways people think, act and bank?

Have the insight to make better informed decisions.

And the power to antipicate the future?

Now you can.

Lenders still struggle to meet customer expectations.

  • Customer data is fragmented.

    Business leaders are still struggling to achieve a single customer view, running many disparate systems with no shared view of data. To remain competitive, control costs, optimise products and deliver excellent customer service - data quality must be your priority.

  • One size fits all communications.

    A lack of actionable insights on customer behaviour and preferences drives a one size fits all approach, with personalisation limited to a set of templated letters and emails across the lifetime of your relationship with the customer. You struggle to serve personal messages in a preferred channel at the right time.

  • Building trust takes work.

    Research has shown that in our current changeable market, customers have a renewed trust in established and stable financial services brands. They are looking to these institutions to deliver on this faith, and provide them with the seamless and complete services they are seeking. When customer attraction and retention are the market-winning metrics, being intuitive to customer needs will build loyalty, advocacy and profit.

“77% of banking customers feel that their bank's performance falls short. Customers expect the digital banking products to solve their problems and ease their everyday lives.”

Five digital banking challenges that can be solved with customer centricity

Finextra blog quoting FIS Pace study

Customers want you to make their lives simpler.

Working with us allows you to develop the strategies that deliver loyalty, build your reputation and drive growth.
  • Build customer intelligence.

    Our team will work with you to unearth and structure the data needed to provide clear views of customer behaviour and satisfaction. Our approach provides the foundation for far high-quality customer experiences.

  • Profiles for personal experiences.

    Every customer is different. We will help you segment your customers into behavioural groups to deliver services based on communication preferences, interactions and needs.

  • Focus human effort on the most valuable interactions.

    We work with you to develop highly automated customer journeys, that take the human effort out of labour-intensive processes. Enabling customer self-serve also frees up key staff to deliver the vital human interactions that customers seek out in times of change or distress.

Our insight will give you foresight.

For 20 years, our customer expertise has shaped the thinking of leading banks and lenders. Our partners value our experience to deliver the insight that inspires successful new products and services and drives the actions that build satisfaction, loyalty and growth.


  • Drive new revenue streams.

    Confidence in your customer data and the insight it delivers drives successful strategic outcomes. Serve content, amend strategy and launch new products knowing you have the measure of your customers and the market.

  • Improve loyalty & retention.

    Use data and analysis to anticipate your customers' needs. Delivering the balance of online and personal experiences that today's customers need and providing the day-to-day speed and efficiencies they demand

  • Targeted payment options.

    Introducing multi-channel customer payment options is an effective way to increase your collections. We worked with one partner to deliver a payment solution that increased collections by 500% over 12 months.

  • Build new value.

    By applying design thinking to optimise existing systems and build out new approaches, you will harness significant resource savings. This practice frees up both cost and expertise to re-invest and build new value.

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