Can you spot the hidden dangers early?

Imagine being able to analyse millions of lending agreements in real time?

The ability to identify patterns of behaviour and anomalies.

Dealing with them before they impact your business and bottom line?

Now you can.

Lack of data insight puts the brakes on growth.

  • Bad data hides risks.

    Poor quality data is difficult to discover and diagnose. It impacts your ability to make decisions. You lack the agility that drives decisiveness and risks are not effectively understood.

  • Reporting doesn't align with your objectives.

    Extracting reports is a resource-heavy task. A lack of automation means output has limited strategic or business unit value. Integrating business strategy with performance data does not achieve the desired result.

  • You're reactive, not responsive.

    When you lack an in-depth understanding of your portfolio and its resilience, risk measurement is onerous. Identifying anomalies after the fact and mitigating future recurrence is often the norm.

Unlock the hidden value inside your business.

Overcome performance challenges by integrating your data with operations. We combine years of audit practice with our Edge Portfolio Performance Engine to help you define, optimise and deploy the data-driven decisions that drive daily operations.
  • Structure your data.

    Your portfolio data is the heart of your lending business. We start with data quality and verification by undertaking a thorough audit of available data and processes and standardise to reduce variability.

  • Connect to everything.

    Edge can securely ingest portfolio data from virtually any system, or even flat CSV files. It can also combine portfolio information with data from CRM and external sources such as credit bureaus and Companies House.

  • Automate your analysis.

    Access analysis from anywhere with just a web browser, and even run automated rules-based analysis in the background by designing workflows and alerts based on your business logic.

Increased confidence, at every level of lending.



  • Make better decisions.

    Edge enables you to monitor and measure performance. Our performance engine provides the intelligence needed to manage portfolio risk effectively and better serve your customers.

  • Limit your risk exposure.

    Identify credit risk exposure with a deeper understanding of the relationships between entities across sectors, products, accounts, and business lines.

  • Respond faster to opportunities.

    Use our tools to explore new risk models, innovate around your products, and model potential scenarios in real-time.

  • Increase access to capital.

    High-quality data and an in-depth understanding of your portfolio present you with the opportunity to explore the wider funding market.

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