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VU Analytics

Banking Works’ custom build portfolio analysis dashboard. Create your VU.

VU Analytics is our cloud-based dashboard view of your portfolio. Create your VU to see insights, analysis and monitoring of your portfolio with clear reporting.
  • Monitor performance

    VU Analytics delivers on-demand performance monitoring and continuous background monitoring of portfolios independent of your management system. VU alerts you to the events and anomalies based on the triggers and rules you set.

  • Understand risk

    Segment and tranche debt portfolios to analyse risk models and scorecards across groups of agreements. Combine with external data sets to provide enhanced insight.

  • Explore scenarios

    The VU Analytics dashboard allows you to ask 'what if' questions against your portfolio. This key feature shows the impact of potential events and how they affect the performance of debt.

Key features

Rich, browser-based, portfolio analysis that's easy for anyone to use.

  • Powerful data insights

    Our VU Analytics dashboard provides real-time analysis and searching of portfolios, whatever their size. Create rule-based segments and highlighting, and be alerted to threshold changes or anomalies.

  • Analysis & evaluation

    Perform in-depth analysis of segments or groups of agreements. Drill into the detail, and automatically combine them with external data like credit profiles and Companies House records to effectively evaluate your portfolio performance.

  • Rules & thresholds

    Create filters based on your rules and thresholds that generate views to focus on areas of concern. Produce detailed analyses of arrears, defaults, new business and more.

  • Interactive dashboards

    Meet your varying analytical needs from the same source of truth through modern interactive dashboards, combining the historical performance of portfolios to produce visualisations using forecasting or what if analysis.

Use cases

Get the edge on your portfolio analysis requirements.

  • Asset-based lenders

    Use VU Analytics to monitor, assess and benchmark your portfolio performance across many dimensions.

  • Wholesale & Senior funders

    We utilise VU Analytics within our business, to assess the risk and performance of debt portfolios. VU Analytics is available on a SaaS basis to senior debt providers looking for a hosted solution to measure their investment performance.

  • Valuation

    VU Analytics offers fast, bespoke intelligence for the valuation of whole portfolios and tranches within them.

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