Portfolio Management

We can service almost any portfolio or banking requirement. Our systems can be configured to your business rules and, where applicable, integrated with front end origination partners, delivering straight through processing.

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  • 300,000

    Loans under management

  • £340m


  • £300m

    Annual collections flow


  • Fully managed SaaS core banking or loan management system

  • Integrated cloud contact centre platform that allows you to manage customer service via phone, email, chat and social messaging

  • Equipped to manage most types of instalment credit products, including regulated and commercial loans, lease and hire purchase

  • Integrated performance analysis

  • Payment services and solutions include self serve online/IVR card payments, Direct Debits, BACS, SEPA, Faster Payments

  • Middle and Back Office administration and outsourced services


We are experienced in managing ABS portfolios on behalf of:

  • Investment Banks
  • Merchant Banks
  • Development Banks
  • Challenger/Neo Banks
  • Originators of instalment credit
  • Private Equity funds
  • Loan Management.

    We’ll provide a solution to give you a cradle to grave portfolio management service.

    We can integrate with origination and back-office platforms and portals and provide you with the capability to automate almost any loan process such as customer communications, settlements, refunds, payment holidays and write-offs. This flexibility enables your team to concentrate on high-value tasks that require specialist skills.

  • Customer Contact

    We’ll give you the capability to communicate with your customers through multiple channels. We help you define customer contact strategies based on individual customer needs and based on your business rules.

    Your customers will feel informed and will have the ability to self-serve, empowering them to self-direct, managing their agreements in their own time.

  • Finance Operations

    We’ll set up, manage and operate client and e-commerce merchant bank accounts for the collection and distribution of receivables.

    We’ll manage the Bank relationship, so you have easy access to banking facilities without the administrative burden, giving you secure access to online banking facilities at your convenience.

    We’ll also provide you with general treasury, disbursement and reconciliation services.

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