As the world changes, you need to adapt with it.

We optimise performance and embed innovation.

Continuous evolution

Continuous improvement through data-driven strategies.

Our team has designed, managed and analysed hundreds of lending businesses, and billions of pounds worth of portfolios. Simply put, we have the know-how to understand how to optimise and evolve your operations.

We gather data, develop insight and formulate optimisation strategies that are proven to improve efficiency, revenue and customer experience. We also push the envelope with innovation programmes designed to create breakthrough competitive advantage.

Data health check

Unearthing business intelligence from your available data

  • Discover the data

    Actionable analysis is dependent on analysing the right data in the correct format. Our data engineers help identify, aggregate and make available key data for performance analysis, from multiple sources.

  • Visualise & investigate

    We'll configure interactive data dashboards, providing real-time and periodic views of operational performance. We do this to visualise trends, patterns, issues and opportunities for improvement.

  • Actionable insights

    From understanding, we can derive insights - models of cause and effect - that we can use as the basis for ongoing strategy development and plans for continual tactical improvement.

Optimisation programmes

We work with management to plan and execute optimisation strategies in four key areas.

  • Strategic focus

    Above all, our objective is to ensure your business maintains focus on your objectives. We coach your teams in connecting performance data to your KPIs and strategy, enabling this to guide decision making, adjust process and ensure continuous improvement is the norm.

  • Business operations

    We help to put in place the mechanisms to monitor your processes, front to back-office. This helps tune operational performance, and identifies opportunities to automate decisioning and processes.

  • Portfolio performance

    We have two decades of experience in assessing performance, and recommending actions to improve. Our analysts use Edge Portfolio Performance Engine to explore, segment and understand your debt portfolios.

  • Customer experience

    Historical customer behaviours, interactions and feedback provide valuable insight into what their real needs are. We'll help you leverage this insight to drive better customer experiences and outcomes.

Innovation lab

Cross-discipline innovation teams with an eye on the future.

Increasingly, we're collaborating with clients to challenge the status quo and discover new approaches that can create value and competitive edge. Focusing on action rather than theory, we rapidly make, test and learn to develop new products and services. These range from new ways to serve customers, new communication channels, better scorecards for risk and credit modelling and ways to visualise business performance.

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