You want a strategy that catalyses growth.

We design the blueprint for high performance finance.

Designing growth

We create impact by designing organisations around their customers.

At Banking Works, we view design and systems thinking as an undervalued catalyst for growth. In a sector that is slow to meet market opportunities, designing for customer needs can give you a winning edge.

Our design teams work with our clients to frame objectives and devise a strategy. We use this to design business solutions and digital services that deliver sustainable growth.

Businesses that invest in design deliver up to double the growth of those that don't.

“The banking sector is going through a period of disruption. This disruption marks the genesis of the banking sector's new DNA: a combination of changes in business models, agile execution, and design thinking.  ”


Discovery workshops

We dig into your challenge, explore possibilities and focus on a strategy.

  • Market insight

    First, we assess the challenge. We'll research your market, investigate your customers and explore channels. Our goal is to get a nuanced understanding of your product and growth strategy.

  • Shared vision

    Next, we define the problem. We establish clear, measurable objectives right at the start. This approach ensures clarity of vision and a shared understanding of what success looks like.

  • Strategic roadmap

    Before we agree on a green light to proceed, we'll build a strategic roadmap. This roadmap sets out our plan and documents all key assumptions that need validating.

Business Design

Business Design is the integration of customer insight, experience design and business strategy.

  • Design principles

    At the outset of each project, we agree on the overarching design principles. These principles support the design of the operating model, processes and customer experience. We help you design the route to real value and competitive advantage.

  • Rapid prototyping

    Rapid prototyping is the most effective mechanism for validation. By building in this way, we test all assumptions at pace. Refining and agreeing before we begin the next development cycle.

  • Product strategy

    We'll help you devise the right approach for your lending products, whatever they may be. We'll work with you to define how they can best support growth and deliver first-class customer experience.

Customer Experience

We capture and design all key customer interactions.

  • Service design

    We'll align your business strategy, resources and technologies. Our goal is to support you to provide scaleable best in class services to your customers.

  • Digital services

    Every digital interaction is mapped and specified. Defining your roadmap and building out the delivery plan for web and app development.

  • UX design

    We design, prototype, then test all the key interfaces that customers will use to interact with your business.

  • Communications

    We'll design solutions to enable event-driven customer communications aligned to your customer communication strategy.

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