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100day launch

Get to market in weeks not months.

Launching a new lender, portfolio, or system? Our launch programme will get you to market within 100 days. We're confident because we've done it before.
  • We plan for velocity

    A clear shared plan is the basis for our ability to deliver highly functional systems at pace. Our approach is an agile one, prioritising the features that will give you leverage at launch.

  • We select the right tools

    We use microservices architectures, composing highly functional solutions from best-of-breed components. We use our BladeOS Banking Engine to orchestrate the various systems.

  • We work lean

    We maximise output and minimise waste through iterative, pragmatic development. We operate small, well-coordinated teams that focus on shipping every component at pace.

“83% of SMEs are now using mobile banking apps.”

World Retail Banking Report 2020

Efma/Cap Gemini

Built to scale

We build technology solutions that scale with your business.

  • Resilience & availability

    We build highly-available, distributed system architectures. This practice ensures your systems are resilient to individual component failure. Working in this way delivers complete confidence in uptime and performance.

  • Continuous delivery & deployment

    Where possible, we use a CD/CI approach to development. We automate all testing and deployment to maintain the quality and performance of our solutions. Meaning you gain the added benefit of shorter development cycles.

  • Data engineering

    Ensuring data scalability is often a matter of selecting the right tools for the job. From SQL, NoSQL, warehouses and data lakes, we have years of experience in structuring data.

  • Security & oversight

    We use threat modelling and rating to drive security and privacy best practice. All code is subject to review, and we run composition analysis for vulnerability. During deployment, we undertake automated security testing, and once implemented, all systems are subject to continuous monitoring.

Modern architecture

Our approach is microservices-based, creating scalable, resilient solutions.

  • API-first

    We use an API first approach to system design. We aim to provide scalability, durability and interoperability. APIs ensure all functionality is exposed, are well described and secure.

  • Cloud-first

    We leverage mature cloud systems to maximise budgets and develop rich functionality. We take an infrastructure-as-code approach to the management of our cloud environment and use continuous delivery and integration methodologies to drive iteration.

Custom apps

Bespoke apps that make customers happy and your people productive.

  • Web applications

    We have significant experience creating scalable portals and web applications for our clients and their customers. We create custom applications, including customer self-serve, payments and interactive data dashboards.

  • Mobile applications

    We develop iOS and Android apps that allow you to take customer service to the next level. We design and build native applications that deliver engaging experiences and rich functionality.

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